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Building a Community of Support.

The Free Wheel Foundation Board is committed to its vision, mission, and goals. This includes ensuring that the Free Wheel Foundation continues its mission throughout the year, to minimize overhead, maximize our charitable output, and to expand our community of support.  We are steadfast in our principles that underlie and enable the mission and goals to be met each year.  A long term goal for the current board is to further mature Free Wheel Foundation into a well-run charitable foundation as measured by Charity Navigator and other organizations that rate charitable organizations.

As we turn our focus toward 2018, we are excited for the road ahead and the new community of support we are generating along with the enthusiasm that brings to both new and old team members.

In 2017, your support allowed us to donate $50,000 to Knights of Heroes (KOH). As a commitment to building community, board members supported KOH twice with volunteer mentoring and labor.  In July of 2017, we rallied with Brix Wines to provide $10,000 in immediate funds for families of the 15 MARSOC Raiders and Navy Sailor that were lost in the tragic C130 crash.  The Brix Auction and Ride430X met fundraising goals and all together netted $122,918.  In addition, we drew $31,175 from our cash reserves to ensure we could maintain the level of grants to the organizations we support and for direct grant programs. At year’s conclusion, the Free Wheel Foundation had provided grants that totaled $154,093. 

Brian Marcucci

Free Wheel Foundation
President of the Board

Brian’s professional career has spanned 40 years, working in organizations from small businesses and start-ups to mid-sized companies to large, multinational corporations across 8 different industries with roles ranging from retail management, sales and business development, marketing, mergers & acquisitions, corporate development, general management and chief executive. For the last 20 years, Brian has operated as a senior executive at both publicly traded and private companies, charged with managing units and businesses to deliver value to stakeholders.

Davis McNeil

Free Wheel Foundation
Director of Operations

Second year Board Member and eight years participating as a rider. Davis holds a BA in International Business from Washington State University with 9 years professional experience. Davis is currently a Manager at KP&G Advisory Services. He is supported by his family and fiance, Lauren who rode with us for the first time last year.

Joe Liner

Free Wheel Foundation

Founding member of the Freewheel Foundation. Joe graduated with a BS of Science Industrial Management and Quantitative Analysis from the University of Cincinnati and received an MBA from Xavier University. He is currently the Director of Software Engineering at Pearson with 17 years of service with his company. Joe is support by his wife, Linda, who has provided logistics support for the Free Wheel Foundation since year one of the ride.

Kendra Befort

Free Wheel Foundation
Director of Communications

Second year Board Member and six years participating as a rider. Kendra has a PhD in Human Factors Engineering and is an Associate Technical Fellow in Crew Systems Integration on the Apache Attack Helicopter at the Boeing Co. for 19 years. Kendra's husband, Mike, is a pilot for American Airlines who also provides full time van driving support for the Free Wheel Foundation.

Paul Thompson

Free Wheel Foundation
Executive Director

Founding member of the Freewheel Foundation. Graduate of Oklahoma State University. Paul served in the US Air Force for 28 years and is a retired LtCol. He flew as a C-17 Medevac Pilot with over 150 combat missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, Paul is a Boeing 777 Pilot flying worldwide for United Airlines. Paul is also supported by his wife Tami who has provided logistics support since year one of the ride, his son Austin, and his son Jacob who was our youngest rider last year. Paul's oldest son, Garret, is currently serving in the Air Force overseas.

Brett Biederdorf

Free Wheel Foundation
Member of the Board

Founding member of the Freewheel Foundation, and led the foundation as President from 2008-2017. Brett graduated from Cal State with a Business Management degree and is the owner of Rural Electric, a 54 year family owned business. He is supported by Leslie, his wife of 26 years and his four children, Nick, Erik, Ryan, and Jasmine. He enjoys flying, traveling, road and mountain biking (obviously!), and is working with Paul Thompson on restoring a Stearman biplane.

Greg Schultajann

Free Wheel Foundation
Member of the Board

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